Masturbation Questions (serious question)?

Question by Concerned: Masturbation Questions (serious question)?
I had masturbated continuously for some time from ages 13 to 16 (about once every other day) I know its a very bad habit, and I am confident that I have stopped for good. My penis has definitely taken a toll as far as condition goes. It is ever so slightly curved to one side (only noticable in a mirror) and settles curved down strangely after an erection. It also has remnants of a VERY slight hand imprint from…you know….And I am curious if it will ever recover from this. I’m willing to accept the truth for my stupid decision.
I’m not criticizing anyone of finds masturbation as a positive thing. Simply said, I am a Roman Catholic trying to fix the wrong (in my mind) that I have done =/
And what I am asking reguarding curvature is Up v.s. down and left v.s. right (mine favors slightly left)

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Answer by Totem
Um… okay, Self judgment never helped anyone get ahead in life, but if that’s what floats your boat, good on you! The rest of us normal, well-adjusted, new millenium people who don’t believe everything we are told as Truth capital T, actually know that masturbation is good for you, your sexual health, prepares you for intercourse, etc.

There’s no connection between jacking it and having a curve. Sorry.

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6 Responses to “Masturbation Questions (serious question)?”

  1. elapsedecho72000 Says:

    Curved penises are normal and I doubt it was caused by masturbating. It’s not something to worry about at all. As for the hand imprint, if you’re being serious about that, I’m sure it’s just your imagination.

  2. ya think Says:

    to fix it u will hav to get an erector set

  3. Andrew Says:

    mary poppins says it will

  4. MigL Says:

    every penis is normal, as long as u can pee ur good! :)

  5. Zachiss Z Says:

    It’s okay, your Pen is naturally ugly OP.

  6. aariqskought Says:

    It’s not a very bad habit.

    Curved penises are normal and this is NOT caused by masturbation.

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